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Globes - Globe Models

Best Globe®
Sphere lighting products, made from acrylic (industrial hard plastic), are resistant to scratches. These products, with glass-like clarity, exhibit superior resistance to weather conditions. Sphere lighting lamps, which can be comfortably used indoors, on terraces, and in gardens, have modern or traditional designs that blend seamlessly with the environment.

Globe fixtures are available in round and oval sphere shapes or flat models like rectangles at Yakan Lighting. These models, which can be mounted on the ceiling indoors or on the wall outdoors, are used to illuminate the space. Globe fixtures, used as a design element on the lamp itself, make it possible to use them in various settings with different light intensities. Sphere garden lamps, also suitable as streetlights, are ideal for illuminating other outdoor areas such as hotels, parks, and walkways.

As Yakan Lighting, we have consistently aimed to advance in the production of acrylic glop with a different perspective within the industry for many years. along with the products themselves, we offer accessories for lighting products, globe parts, and acrylic globes.

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Highest Quality Sphere Lights at Yakan Lighting

Sphere lights made of acrylic (PMMA) plastic are of high quality and provide excellent lighting for outdoor spaces. Made of acrylic material, our lighting spheres are highly durable against external factors such as heat, humidity, and wind. At Yakan Lighting, you can easily find acrylic sphere fixture models in various styles and sizes to meet your needs.

Choosing acrylic instead of glass in sphere lighting products will allow you to receive service without compromising on strength and quality. These products are generally stronger than glass glops and have a very low risk of breakage. Being much lighter than glass or other materials increases their durability against high impacts.

Enhanced Lighting Experience with Sphere Lighting Fixtures

Our sphere lighting fixtures are designed to allow excessive light transmission, providing more brightness and better outdoor lighting. Being made of acrylic, you can encounter sphere lighting models in various shapes and sizes. Thus, you can choose the best model that suits your aesthetic and outdoor needs. Yakan Lighting offers a variety of sphere fixture models with different sizes and styles to elevate your space with top-notch lighting, backed by a 2-year warranty.

Versatile Sphere Lighting Lamps

When it comes to illuminating a wide outdoor area, garden sphere fixtures are the first choice. Models designed to adapt to the environment both indoors and outdoors emit light in all directions and perfectly complement the surroundings. Sphere lamp fixtures, used as the primary source of both outdoor and indoor lighting, can easily be preferred in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and corridors.

Unique design globe lights, illuminating your home and garden, are offered at Yakan Lighting in various models. Most of the ceiling and wall sphere fixtures available for sale in our online store are designed to be compatible with the lighting needs of all spaces. Our CE-certified and TSE-approved 100% domestic production sphere lighting products are durable.

Modern Garden Sphere Light Models

Our company, closely following technology, offers the latest garden lighting spheres with the Best Globe® brand. Our modern and minimal Best Sphere products are designed for a modern decor by combining elegant and smooth surfaces with efficient LED lamps. Don't forget to check out Yakan Lighting's garden sphere fixture models for the latest trends that can highlight your entrance and complete your landscaping.

Sphere lighting fixtures provide more balanced lighting and can contribute to energy savings by reducing the need for additional fixtures. These products, which provide higher impact, moisture, and heat resistance, also offer a pleasant appearance in outdoor spaces. If you want detailed information about garden sphere fixture models with durable and lightweight sphere parts and exceptional optical properties, you can contact our company at phone +90 212 243 3008 / whatsapp +90 535 015 9010.

Sphere Lighting Prices

While decorative during the day, sphere lighting fixtures receive appreciation for their unique smooth surfaces, and at night, they illuminate your garden, terraces, and parking lots. You will find the best price advantage at Yakan Lighting with environmentally friendly sphere lighting lamps.

Our company, adopting an economic price policy to ensure that customers can purchase our services at the most affordable price, offers a combination of the most striking, decorative, and ideal sphere lamp options. We would like to mention that the prices of sphere lighting fixtures may vary depending on the design, material, and voltage features of the preferred model. To get price information about the model you like, you can contact our company immediately.