Parks, which can be encountered even in the smallest settlements, can be considered as one of the indicators of development of a region as their number and qualities increase. So much so that some of the parks hosted by the most important cities in the world have become a symbol of those cities and welcome countless people who come to see only the parks every year.

Regardless of its size, all the parks are resting, meeting, having a good time  for people living in the area and a reliable playground for their children. One of the most important factors that increase the visuality of a park is its lighting. Parks with little or no lighting can turn into secluded and uncanny places at night in contrast to their colorful daytime appearance.

Yakan Lighting, which attracts attention with its tens of attractive models in correct and durable parking lighting. Yakan Aydınlatma not only aims to illuminate parks, but also to add aesthetic pleasure to the parks with the models it produces.