Camera Poles

Camera Poles

Camera Pole: Perfect Harmony of Modern Design and Security

In the age of cutting-edge technology, employing camera systems stands out as one of the most efficient methods for ensuring the security of outdoor spaces. However, the selection of the infrastructure for hosting these camera systems must be approached with careful consideration. Among our environmentally friendly product offerings geared towards providing security, our camera poles boast an aesthetic stance that seamlessly blends mobility and coherence into your outdoor decor. Crafted with a modern design philosophy, these camera poles not only meet your security needs but also offer an environmentally conscious approach.

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Camera Console

The camera console is a product that can be mounted on wall elements near the area where images are desired to be captured. This wall element can be a garden wall or one of the walls of a building. Thanks to their durable structures, camera consoles have the capacity to easily carry almost any type of security camera. Since many security cameras are installed outdoors, these materials are produced to be highly resistant to environmental conditions.

The types of camera consoles that you can order from our website include a portable camera console that can be attached anywhere, a welded single console, a roller single console, a roller double console, a roller triple console, and a roller quadruple console. It is beneficial to get to know the types of camera consoles closely to determine exactly what you need.

The portable single camera console, also known as a portable type, has dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm. This product, made of 3 mm-thick steel and is painted with electrostatic paint. As the name suggests, this camera console is a portable product that can be used anywhere. In situations where camera positions need to be changed later, the portable single-camera console requires less effort.

Another single-camera console product with the same material specifications as the portable type is our welded single console. This model is named because it requires welding in the place where it will be fixed. The welded single camera console is one of the preferred products in camera positions that do not need to be changed later. The dimensions of this product are also 10 cm by 10 cm.

The consoles for cameras where two cameras pointing in opposite directions are desired to be mounted in the same region are roller double consoles. These consoles allow two cameras to be positioned facing each other. Thanks to the connection slots opened on the steel body, cameras can be easily mounted without requiring great skill or expertise.

Our other console products, which have the same material quality and workmanship as single and double camera consoles, are our triple and quadruple camera console varieties. The most important advantage provided by multi-consoles is that cameras need less mounting space to monitor more image areas. In other words, with minimum space occupation, a maximum viewing area is provided.

Camera Pole

In addition to camera consoles, you can also find our camera pole varieties in the same product category on our website. If there is a wall element in the area where you will mount your cameras, the first thing you will need is a camera pole. Although camera poles are similar to lighting poles, there is no harm in their thinner structure. Because the load capacity of camera poles is less than that of electric poles.

Our camera poles on the website are produced from TSE and TS-EN40-5-certified fine-particle steel profiles. Therefore, these products are extremely durable materials against all kinds of adverse environmental conditions and possible medium-strength impacts. The biggest reason why these products have provided trouble-free use for many years is the application of meticulous production craftsmanship along with this quality material. As in camera consoles, electrostatic powder paint is used as the paint for camera poles. Thus, the metal body of the product becomes more resistant to corrosion. Electrostatic powder paint provides great convenience both financially and in terms of labor, as it does not require any extra maintenance or painting for many years.

Although the assembly of camera poles is easy, it is beneficial to determine the places where they will be assembled in advance to avoid both time and trouble. Even amateurish planning, even a small plan, prevents many possible negative situations in the future. Although camera poles and the cameras to be mounted on camera poles are assembled by expert individuals, this prevents many negatives. To get more detailed information about any type of product on our website and to place an order, you can contact us. Our customer representatives will help you choose any lighting products and camera mounting products suitable for your project.

Corrosion-Resistant Camera Pole

These products, made from durable materials that will not be affected by outdoor conditions or seasonal factors, are offered to you by the Yakan Aydınlatma company with a 2-year warranty. If you are looking for a camera pole that you can also benefit from decoratively, the products in this category will be ideal for you. Among our products that you can use for the security of all your outdoor areas for many years, these products are also among our products that you can use for many years without feeling the need for extra maintenance and repair.