As Yakan Aydınlatma, we are providing services by considering every little detail on your outdoor space decorations. We are also offering stylish and aesthetic mailboxes along with our lighting products, spare parts and accessories. Our mailboxes have quite modern and stylish design.

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This mailbox with dimensions and durability that you can use at the point of your spaces, has the beauty to help you to get a distinctive and alternative atmosphere for your building.

You can prevent your mails from being stolen or getting lost, thanks to these mailboxes which have various motives on them. You can also make big differences in your outdoor decorations thanks to our stylish looking mailboxes.

If you want to bring out the atmosphere of your indoor spaces to the outdoor spaces and if you are looking for functional accessories that you can use with your lighting, this mailbox is one of our ideal products for you. You can reliably use our cast aluminum and electrostatic painted products for many years in your outdoor spaces.