With Yakan Lighting branded modern lighting products garden and outdoor lightings will gain a new dimension.

From 1964 to the present, we are always developing ourselves and closely following the technological developments in the lighting industry we have advanced as Yakan Lighting company, we continue to offer our completely modern lighting equipment and solutions.

In order to make your indoor and outdoor spaces aesthetically perfect, our work is always done in accordance with your needs and desires.
Modern Lighting Products Produced in 1st Class Quality

Our products, which will make your living spaces more colorful and stylish, are produced in an improved way against all negative environmental factors by taking advantage of the latest technology.

In this way, you protect your products that you use in your outdoor spaces against negative effects that may come from the environment and you can use our products for many years. We offer you our modern lighting products manufactured from first class quality materials with the most reasonable price options as Yakan Ligthing Company.

If you think it’s time to change the decoration in your spaces or if you want to make a new decoration, you can take a look at our modern lighting products.