Reliability, energy efficiency and high performance are the main factors in outdoor projector models, which are types of outdoor lighting.

As Yakan Lighting, we offer our customers outdoor projector lighting models that you can use safely in various outdoor areas such as building exteriors, corporate areas, military buildings, parking lots, gardens and landscaping areas. You can choose the model that suits your needs. To get a price quote and learn more about our products, you can contact us through the communication channels published on our website.

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Illuminate your desired spots precisely with projectors suitable for all outdoor spaces, regardless of seasonal conditions. Our outdoor lighting projectors, meticulously designed not to disturb the human eye, stand out as ideal products to highlight the focal points in your decoration.

Crafted with aluminum materials and coated with electrostatic paint on their exteriors, our lighting projectors boast resilience against all outdoor conditions, ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into all your outdoor spaces.