Trash Cans

Trash Cans

As Yakan Aydınlatma, we are always providing environmental friendly and durable products. We are not trying to express our sensitivity towards the environment in all our products. The trash cans, which we provide to create awareness of environmental consciousness,have a durable structure that you can use for many years.

Our trash cans, which you can use at all kind of outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens, workplaces, are in our catalogs with their stylish designs. If you are looking to prevent the environmental pollution in the most stylish way, these products are ideal for you.

This category contains a total of 8 products.

These products, which we have designed for many years with experiences we have gained in the industry, have the qualities that will make your spaces look cleaner and decoratively distinctive.

These products are resistant to all seasonal and environmental factors that you can use for long years at your desired spots since the outer surfaces that are made from high class materials, are covered with electrostatic paint . You can browse these products if you are looking to keep your spaces clean in the most stylish way.