We encounter outdoor lighting almost everywhere. In streets, parks, gardens, schools and many other places. So is it important to position them correctly? In this article, we are going to explain the how should we position the outdoor lighting?

First of all, we need to determine where we want to illuminate and how we want to illuminate.Most of us should pay attention to these issues, but we must answer these questions before positioning lighting. Let's look at the types of lighting. The first of these is physiological lighting. The aim is to see the details faster and more comfortably. They are made within certain standards. For example, the lighting of roads, tunnels and sports fields in outdoor lighting falls into this group. So, there are not many options for physiological lighting. Placement should be made using the specified standards. The aim is to draw attention to the details.The second type of lighting is decorative lighting. The aim is to achieve a completely aesthetic appearance. You can position the lights as you want. Of course, we must do it considering safety and robustness. Such lighting is mostly used in gardens. For example, in lighting plants, garden entrances or arbours.The last type of lighting is the lighting that attracts attention. The goal here is, of course, to attract attention. Therefore, the lighting should be high and easily visible. In addition, colored lights are used. As the aim is to draw attention, it is mostly used in advertisement signs or in movie / concert posters.

As a result, we must first decide where we want to position the lightings. If we want to illuminate places such as streets, we must comply with certain standards. Positioning for decorative lighting is entirely optional. The lighting that we will use to attract attention should also prefer high places.