We use outdoor lighting in all areas. So, what lighting does it use for large areas? The answer is projectors. In this article, we are going to describe the projectors used for large areas and which are powerful light sources.

First of all, what is a projector? They are light sources used to illuminate larger areas in the dark. They are usually rotatable lighting. Since the area we want to enlighten is large, it is very important that the projectors you use are healthy and of course high quality. Another issue is the power of the projectors. We should choose power according to the area you use the projectors. For example, if we want to illuminate a stadium, it should be between 40,000 and 200,000 Watts. So, where is it mostly used? You can use it in garden, park, stadium and various special organizations. Briefly, if the projectors we use for large areas are not of good quality, the desired efficiency cannot be obtained. Our projector products that you can use have an extra resistant structure against extreme temperatures and environmental factors. Our projectors, which are designed not to disturb the human eye in any way, are among our ideal products for you to reflect the points you want to highlight in your decoration in the best way.