We use outdoor lighting all over our lives. In gardens, parks, streets and factories. So what colors should we choose? What intensity of light power should we use or how should the lighting poles be? In this article, we are going to talk about these issues and present them with explanations.      

Firstly, let's talk about colors of the lights. The colors we choose are very important for lighting and of course also for human health. For example, white light is bothersome and tiring to the eyes. We cannot be under the influence of white light for a long time. Daylight colors are more preferred. Yellow and orange tones are calm and easy on the eyes. The other thing we need to pay attention to after deciding the color is the intensity of the light. Light intensity is as important as the color of light. If the light intensity is too high, it will not be good for eye health. So we have to choose the light intensity according to the atmosphere of the field.

On the other hand, there is an issue that people or companies ignore. This is the length of the lighting pole. For most of us this is insignificant and we do not pay attention. So, why is the lighting pole important? We must decide the length of the lighting pole according to the size of the area we want to illuminate. For example, if the area we want to illuminate is large, we should not use a short lighting pole. If we use a short lighting pole, we cannot illuminate enough space. However, there is another important point. This is to position the lighting correctly.

For example, if you care about visual beauty, you can put flashy lighting on your garden entrance. Additionally, if the lighting pole is high, you will have a chance to illuminate many areas. If you want to illuminate seating areas such as arbour, you should not bring the lighting too close. The distance between the arbour and the lighting is important for our eye health.If you want to close the light in areas such as arbour, its density should be low.

As a result, if we want to get good efficiency from lighting, we have to pay attention to all this. The color of the light, its intensity, the length of the lighting pole and its positioning are very important.