What Are The Best Light Bulbs For Outside


Today, one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to lighting is the bulb. Bulbs are all over our lives. In our homes, workplaces, gardens, parks, etc.In this article, we are going to explain about the bulbs used in outdoor lighting.


We use 4 different bulbs in our company. These are bulb 20W Philips white light, bulb 20W Philips daylight, GU10 3X1W led bulb daylight, PHILIPS ESSENTIAL LED LAMP. 9W 6500K A60 E27 950LM.We can start with a 20W Philips white light bulb. The product is economical and environmentally friendly. You can use it both indoor and outdoor comfortably.Second, bulb 20W Philips daylight. The socket type of this product has been determined as E27. The product is also CE certified and TSE approved. And it is a product that you can save money like our other products.Another product of ours is GU10 3X1W Led bulb daylight. It has a modern look. You can use the product safely for a long time. Likewise, this product is one of the reliable products with CE certification and TSE approval.Our latest product is the Philips Essential LED BULB. 9W 6500K A60 E27 950LM. You can use it to save energy. This product is TSE approved and CE certified.


Finally, you can easily use these bulbs for energy saving and environmentally friendly products. The products are long-lasting and reliable. It is also CE certified and TSE certified.