Lighting can be used for many different purposes. In other words, we can say that there are several different kinds of lighting. Lighting types in the most general form of ambient lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting and highlight lighting can be divided into groups. All of these lighting types can be brought to your venues by viewing the product models within our site.

Solution-Oriented Product Models In Ambient Lighting

Without exception, the general ambient lighting needed in all living areas is the most preferred among lighting types. The purpose of the ambient lighting provided with ceiling luminaires or wall sconces is to meet the need for light. Of course, when meeting the need for light, the armature or accessories used to display a stylish stance, to be compatible with the general decoration, durability and service life are among the expectations. On our site you can go over both ceiling and wall lighting products with inviting prices.

Functional Use In Task Lighting Products

We also offer you the task lighting product models that stand out among the lighting types. These products are designed for a specific task, such as lighting the walkway in your garden or lighting the seating area of your terrace, and you can view designs suitable for use of both indoors and outdoors. Each design offers many years of use.

Crown Your Living Spaces with decorative lighting

Now the more widely preferred lighting types include decorative lighting. The purpose of this lighting, which is usually provided with the help of products developed with light emitting diode(LED) technology, is to take advantage of the effects of light such as color or an area to highlight. When you look at our decorative lighting products on our site, you will want to benefit from this effect of lighting in your living areas..

Bring emphasis Lighting Products To Your Home and Garden

Be sure to look at the highlight lighting products that are designed to point out a particular object. You can use these products to highlight the mailbox at the entrance of your home, to highlight the miniature sculpture in your garden or to highlight the table in your living room. All kinds of lighting products can be found on our site