The use of solar lighting systems has become widespread in many areas due to reasons such as the increase in electricity bills day by day and the damage of energy produced from fossil fuels to nature. There are many factors that affect the efficiency of these products, especially the location where they are used. Depending on the latitude of the location in the world, the sun exposure time of the solar panel and, accordingly, the working time of the solar outdoor lighting product changes.

It is clear that renewable energy sources are not easily accessible and usable for every country. Turkey is advantageous in many areas as its location, as well as in terms of solar potential. Investments in this field are increasing day by day, but unfortunately our country is not yet able to fully utilize this potential. For example, it is seen that countries with less sunshine duration than Turkey, such as Germany, the Netherlands, and South Korea, have more solar energy resources than our country in terms of installed power. When we look at the map of sunshine duration of hte world, the potential of our country becomes more understandable.

Figure 1. Sun Map of the World

What do we do as Yakan Lighting in this regard?

Our company, which has been operating in the lighting sector since 1964, produces solar lighting sets in order to provide lighting solutions in our country and in the world. As a result of the R&D we have been continuing for years, these products, which we have produced with our domestic manufacturer's certificate, work with solar energy, completely independent of the grid. It provides lighting with the energy it receives from the sun and stores it in non-toxic lithium batteries. In this way, it helps us to be a carbon neutral country, unlike the energy obtained from fossil fuels. This product, which can be used in almost any place that receives sunlight, such as streets, parks, parking lots, walkways, garden lighting, has a wide range of areas.

Figure 2. 127075

When we look at the average daily sunshine duration map of Turkey, it can be easily seen that the sunshine hours are inversely proportional to the distance of the cities from the equator, that is, the latitude. For example, while the provinces of our country with a coast to the Mediterranean can receive an average of 8-9 hours of sunshine per day, this period decreases to 4 hours in provinces with a coast to the Black Sea. This problem can be easily overcome with larger panels and battery groups in our products whose design can be adjusted according to the customer. In addition, the efficiency can be increased by programming the motion sensor according to the place of use. In this way, our solar powered product can provide very efficient lighting in cities with less sun.

Figure 3. Sun Map of Turkey

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