As we described in our previous article the principle of light pollution, causes, and types. Here we are going to focus on some suggested solutions regarding this Environmental problem.

By having a look of light pollution types, many of logical solutions can come up with. And could be merged to be explained as: Getting enough luminate to light an area without exaggeration like getting bigger and higher ability luminaires to light a small area and in short height.

This simply could be a solution and could be applied in scientific way that accurate having enough and intermediate amount of everything related to this issue and with correct distancing. Such as to not shorten light poles for an area requires higher ones, to not use extra luminate suppliers while smaller ones are enough and vice versa.

By this we can find that the best solution could be the middle of everything. Thus to not get lower light intensity thus you can not benefit from light, nor to have extra intensity that irritate other. This is our individual roll toward our environment and other livings.