Normally, in gardens lighting or streets lightings, standalone solar PV lighting systems could be used to lighten areas. Generally Standalone systems contain of Solar cell/s or solar panel/s, battery, lighting source like LED, and charge controller. In this type of systems, the solar panel stores energy inside batteries during day in order to consume it during night or even several nights.

While you are using these types of systems, you have to determine your demand first. For lighting systems here, you have to think to get enough light concentration over a specific area and at a specific height. Also, by taking in consideration that you may need the system to work for one or more nights by giving sufficient light even if the weather was not appropriate to charge the batteries ideally in a day.

Beside of that, motion sensor and dimming options that we provide in our lighting system that works over solar energy, give another way for energy consuming extension time; by controlling appropriate intervals to give light with a specific percentage.