Solar powered lighting products, the use of which has increased considerably recently, are preferred with different designs. For example, while classic  solar lighting can be preferred for garden, modern designs can be preferred for walkways or long street poles. While the design can be selected according to the preferences of the person according to the place of use, Yakan Lighting solar lighting products can be designed and produced according to the customer's preference in terms of the desired performance.

Although these products, which are produced without sacrificing quality, vary according to performance preference, they can provide performance up to 36 hours if they receive an average of 6 hours of full sunlight. In addition, these products, which do not need to be connected to the grid, can be transported as desired, the armature can be easily removed from the pole and transported to areas such as camps and used.

You can reach us from the information in the contact section to get information about the prices of solar energy lighting systems that we produce in our company, which has a domestic manufacturer's certificate.