In Solar lighting systems and in different areas not all types of solar panel are appropriate to use, as it may not give same power and efficiency. As for a specific area if a monocrystal panels are used rather than polycrystalline ones it may give higher efficiency than them. Also in another area the opposite may happen and give higher efficiency than monocrystal panels.

Generally, monocrystal may be preferred to be used in cold areas as it has higher efficiency to produce electricity from sun than polycrystal. Generally in cloudy weather electricity generated from monocrystal panel are higher than polycrystal panels. But the disadvantage is that its price is higher than poly ones.

On the other hand, poly panels are suitable to use in cloudy weather but in areas that have higher sun hours daily. As the difference in efficiency between those types could be covered from generated electricity due to sun hours. As more sun hours means more electricity during day, which means also lower price cost because of using polycrystal panels. So, as a result, choices are available, and the user may consider which one needed to be used according to conditions.