As one of the leading companies in the lighting sector in Turkey under the name Yakan Lighting, we have approximately 2500 different models of lighting products.  We are a company that values ​​customer satisfaction with its high quality, wide product range and ISO-9001 certificate.

Combining our experience in the sector with our technology, we produce world-class solar lighting fixtures and solar lighting poles with our TS EN 40-5 certificate, which is suitable for luminaires. Thanks to the R&D investments we have made over the years, these products, which are designed to be used for many years and pay for themselves as they are used, promise both to contribute to the pocket of the user and to be at peace with nature without emitting carbon. On the other hand, this product, which consists of recyclable materials and has non-toxic batteries, provides a separate advantage for outdoor use.

The solar lighting set, which has a very strong structure with an aluminum case, works very efficiently thanks to its giant cooling channels. Thanks to the monocrystalline solar panel, which is one of the most efficient panel types, it can easily fill the LiFePO4 battery group belonging to the lithium family. In this way, if it gets 6 hours of sun, it can provide more than 30 hours (3 nights) of light in sensored operation. This product, which is quite efficient compared to similar products on the market, promises to complete the night if it gets enough sun.

Thanks to our lighting poles, whose compliance with European standards has been registered with our TS EN 40-5 document, the solar lighting set offers a long-lasting and safe use. On the other hand, this product, which has a high luminous Samsung LED in its luminaire, can be easily used on high lighting poles thanks to the light it can provide.

You can easily reach us from the panel in the communication section to get information about solar energy lighting system prices or technical issues.