We use lighting in most parts of our lives. In schools, homes, workplaces, gardens, hotels etc. Well, do we light every place with the same kind of lighting? Do we get the same efficiency in every space with the same lighting? Of course not. In this article, we are going to describe the types of lighting and in what places they are used.

We can start with general lighting. Refers to background light levels in a given area. We can also say environmental lighting. We usually use general lighting to illuminate the entire building.The lamps we use for general lighting are fluorescent lamps, led lamps and halogen lamps.The second type of lighting is task lighting.We use it to perform specific tasks. For example, garden entrances. In this, we can get help from fluorescent or halogen lamps. Another kind is accent lighting. We usually use it for decoration. For example, in lighting plants or in busts. We can also use led lamps for this. Led lamps are small and also led lamps have many colors. This is why it is preferred for decoration. In addition, we use Halide lamps to illuminate large areas. Halide lamps illuminate large areas easily and efficiently. As an example of these areas, we can show the following; parking lots, factories, sports fields.



There are many different types of lighting that we use to light outdoors. Not all lighting is in all areas. We should choose lighting according to the size and atmosphere of the place we choose.