Acrylic globes are produced using high technology materials and manufacturing methods. It may be as white globes which called opal lighting globes, or prismatic lighting globes, or transparent lighting globes.

Generally, acrylic globes could be shaped to have ball shape, ellipse shape, pear shape or even special designs. The advantage that Transparent globes have, is that inside lights could be reflected to outside directly without big loss in lights or insider reflect.


As an applications for transparent globes lighting; that an RGB light could be placed to give simultaneous movement between colors range. As example, lights could be modified according to weather conditions, if it is rainy outside, it can give rainy response of light. If there is thunder weather, it can give thunder light response also and so on.

By these types of applications, acrylic lighting globes are not confined only with street lighting or gardens lighting, it could be used also for some of inside lighting applications.