Far from the city; In places such as forests, gardens and camping areas, lighting problems are experienced because mains electricity cannot be provided. The transportation of electricity to these areas causes high costs along with the cable costs of the lighting poles. As a solution to this, we produce solar lighting sets that provide free lighting with solar energy that can be used in these areas. The solar lighting system, which pays back to the user as it is used, pays for itself over time thanks to its long life. And, this eco-friendly product with low carbon emissions works in harmony with the ecosystem.

The interest in solar panel lighting products is increasing day by day due to the increasing electricity prices, the difficulty of transporting electricity to places far from the grid, cabling and labor costs. As Yakan Lighting, the solar lighting set we have produced as a result of years of R&D solves this problem in the market. This set, which is very easy to carry, can be easily dismantled from the mounted wall or pole and can be mounted in a different area or used without mounting. The only condition for it to work; The solar lighting set, whose panel is exposed to the sun, can provide up to 36 hours of illumination if it receives 6 hours of sun.

You can reach us from the information in the contact section for the price of our products, including the classic model solar lighting products that have been newly added to our catalog, or for technical assistance.