In recent years indoor and outdoor lighting materials have started to locate a great place in decoration. The advantage of the lighting products which we offer you is that they are energy efficient and able to transmit the light in the most effective way. Through the lighting materials, you can make great mobility to all your outdoor applications. In addition, the efficiency which you will get from the light becomes maximum with minimum energy consumption.

Lighting materials that you can use in all the places you think the lighting is insufficient are the products that can be set up in a practical way and you can use without feeling the need for extra maintenance. For many years you can continue to use our lighting products without feeling the need for any additional maintenance and painting.

In terms of design, you can manage to add a different air to your decoration with the lighting materials that have a very stylish, original and aesthetic stance. You can take a look to our lighting materials to contribute to the decoration of your outdoor places and giving them a more alternative air.

Our lighting products, which can be extra resistant to all problems that may occur in outdoor areas are produced with tempered glass. We offer our ligting products for 2 years guarenteed as "Yakan Aydınlatma" company.