PMMA lighting globes or as widely known; acrylic lighting globes have more advantages for outside lighting usage rather than other types. As it is considered from highest quality material group requiring advanced manufacturing technologies for producing.

Acrylic globes have the advantages of: high transparency of light, higher resistance for scratch, high temperature and chemical resistance, and do not get colored yellow under sun and outside conditions. These specifications are in high importance of outside lighting products manufacturing.


On the other hand techniques used in production have its importance also, as engineering calculations should be made in order to simulate statistical forces and pressure that may face lighting globes in outsider use; as example the relation between globe size, and the diameter of globe mouth’s should be calculated properly. In a way that grants external forces like winds will not affect the globe easily, and its high light transparency ability is not reduced, in addition to all of its other properties should be reserved to work even in hard conditions.