Lighting globes could be made from different material types, as of plastics; and most commonly are PC or PMMA. PMMA material stands for Polymethyl Methacrylate which known as acrylic also. While PC stands for Polycarbonate one. In general both are suitable for outsider use.

As comparison between these two types, several advantages of PMMA over PC could be found. Such as:

  1. PMMA has higher transparence efficiency than PC.
  2. Its clean and clarity is much durable.
  3. Higher resistance for scratching.
  4. For long period of outside using, it is not going to be yellowed.
  5. PC material price and shaping cost are much higher than PMMA.

Those are most noticeable advantages of PMMA materials. Thus high efficient behavior for PMMA globes ( or Acrylic globes ) could be found in street lighting and garden lightings, as a part of its solidity, durability, extra light transparency, and beauty added to the places used in. Also our globes list could be found following our website link here.