This type of lighting products generally have the spherical shape. It may also be shaped to be ellipse or cube as example. But as a general usage and according to the shape of earth it is called globe.

Lighting globes may be used for inside or outside lighting in garden lighting or street lighting. When it is used in outside places, there are a lot of conditions that should be taken in consideration in order to make products with more high resistance. We, and as a specialized manufacturer in outside lighting products, use highest quality materials to produce our lighting products.

For lighting globes, generally it could be made from acrylic PMMA raw material ( Polymethyl Methacrylate ), as it is an engineering material that has high strength against whether, higher solidity, and high transparence with luster. Thus it has perfect use in outside lighting.


Between our product range list, transparence globes, prismatic globes, and opal globes which has white color could be found. In both of prismatic and opal globes, the insider lighting source is blurred, thus source could not be recognized easily. On the other hand Transparent globes is necessary to be placed in some areas because it gives additive prettiness to those places.