Between the series of lighting products that are used in outside lighting, Street lighting and garden lighting, it is widely known that high quality products to have IP label.

IP stands for Ingress Protection ratings. Usually it is followed by two digits to be like IPXY. The first digit stands for protection against solids. While the second digits stands for protection against liquids.

In general For solid it is numbered between 0 ( not protection ) up to 6 ( Highest protection ). As for liquids it is between 0 and 8 for high protection. The idea of numbering is not only to give idea if product is protected or not. There is also partially protected. As example, some products are protected against water with specific pressure and throwing angle of 90 degrees. If water throwd with 30 degrees it is not protected. On the orher hand some products are suitable to be used under water, with specific depth and water pressure, else for harder conditions it is not protected, and so on.

This IP certification is highly important because inside the product there is electricity. So also it is for safety conditions. A lot of our certified lighting products could be found over our website from here.