As a reason of life shape development since decads, human life had get large jumps toward modern life style. As a result of this revolution; some rules and obligations had been also developed in a way that grants more organization and satisfying others' obligations. These rules could be defined as standards.  Those standards could be grouped either to be local standards related to specific country itself or a region, or even international standard that is related to all countries that want to apply it.

As an example, and in relation to the industrial revolution, industrial life style had been developed in last years, thus to guerantee more quality in industrial products to be made and to manage this process more correctly in a way that respect others rights, industrial standards principle had came up. Here you can find a country or unioun specifies its minimum requirments to be satisfied with industrial products, in order to get it from outside, or even to produce it locally. Thus products that are lower than minimum requirments will not be delivered to the end customer, while end customer should have these requirement getting satisfied to get his rights performed.


So, this may be managed by a specific country for itself and could be called specific country standards - like Turkey standards - or for group of countries like europian standards, or even if these rights are common between most higher percentage of people around the world, it could be called as international stadards.

As standards for outside lighting products, there are many of them like; standards for light intensity and lumination, lighting poles statistics, poles mechanical and electrical characteristics, working temprature, .. etc.

And as of Yakan Aydınlatma, a factory specalized in garden lightings and street lighting products, we had been certified that we satisfy many of related standards, in order to get our local and international customers rights being performed and to get all our customers satisfied.