As the lighting systems are considered as a type of electrical systems, safety subject of earthing principle could be used in the same scope. Earthing connection should be taken seriously while getting preparations for outdoor garden lighting or street lighting poles ready  to work.

This importance come from the fact that for non earthed systems, if any leakage in electricity occured at any part of that system, this will increase the possibility of having electrical shock if human body touched its conduction cover; because this will make electric to flow throw body path to ground.

On the other hand, if earthing connectiions had been made correctly and according to local and inernational standards; then and with same of previous case, current leakage will not go through humen body; no it will go through the earthing cable. Simply because of its lower resistance. By this way, safety of all of us whether are old or young, or even our children; is taking our priority all the time.