As we had mentioned in previous articles about our lighting globes which are used in outside lighting, street lighting, and garden lightings; due to the advantages that it has, from solidity, higher lifelong, higher resistance to weather affects, and not get yellowed after long usage.

Lighting globes may have white color, or could be colored in other one. Or it may also be transparent – which include prismatic types – In some applications of use of lighting products, it may be preferred to have a lighting globe colored with red, blue, or any other one as usage in some areas like parties or malls as example. Thus the lighting globe may get be painted with needed color rather than the original one it came with.

This may affect specifications and advantages of acrylic lighting globes as not all paints are appropriate to be used for outside conditions. Rather than that it is painted for one time, and if you need to get the original color again, addition globe could be bought. Thus and instead of that, colored lighting bulbs could be used. It gives the needed color directly, and when ever a need to change the inside color shows up, it could be easily replaced by another color. Or even there is lighting bulb that come with multi color including RGB and could be controlled remotely, and change the color instantaneously between multiple colors and in different intensities. An over look of our lighting products could be found from our website here.