In architecture sciences outdoor design has a worthy value. Since it reflects the beauty and concept of constructs. Whatever those are buildings, roads, public gardens, or even private ones.

On our behalf as a factory in field of manufacturing of outdoor lighting products and garden lightings since 1964, there were a conflict principle common in general, which is : wattage increment makes a better lighting for same specific area.

Actually, this point is not completely true, simply because comparison is made between completely different systems, ancient one which is normal incandescent bulbs and new generation of bulbs which are called Led ampuller.

In modern science, the noticed behavior of light showed a different concept than before, which is summarized as: In order to lighten a specific area with sufficient light a 150 watt bulb could be used, while the same amount of light could be provided with another LED bulb which could consume only 35 watt as example ( more or less according to bulb efficiency ).

So practice proved that, using LED bulb has the advantage of energy saving, cost saving compared to consuming time, and a better behavior than normal incident bulbs do.

So, the sentence that shows wattage consume is proportional to lumens required for an area is not completely true. Using another type, you can get same or even better amount of lumens for specific area also saving energy using LED bulb. Taking also the advantage that LED bulbs could be in different colors as day light, white light, or another colors.