Fossil fuel is hydrocarbon-containing material consisting of the remains of dead plants and animals in the underground that humans release and burn for using. The main fossil fuels are coal, oil and natural gas. Fossil fuels have a wide usage area in the industrial area and their use has been at the center of the industrial revolution. It has played a huge role in the development of our civilization. Since the use rate of fossil fuels is much lower than the rate of formation, they can be considered as non-renewable energy sources.

            Organic carbon is the main ingredient of fuels. Organic carbon is the main component of fuels. As a result of the reaction of organic carbon with oxygen in the atmosphere, heat is produced. In addition, when fossil fuels burn, they release greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which have some negative effects on the environment. Due to this released gas, they cause climate changes in the world and as a result of these climate changes, they have a negative impact on the ecosystem and human health. Unfortunately, millions of people die every year due to respiratory diseases caused by air pollution.

Most of the electricity we use is produced through fossil fuels. However, with the development of technology and awareness of people in recent years, investments in modern renewable energy sources have been increasing. With the gradual passing to renewable energy sources, it is aimed to reduce and end the use of fossil fuels in the future.

So, As Yakan Lighting, what do we do about this?

A large part of the electrical energy consumed in our country and in the world is used for lighting purposes. Our adventure in the lighting industry, which dates back to 1964, continues today with the solar lighting set. These lighting sets have a wide range of uses such as streets, gardens, roads, parking lots, walking paths. With these new breakthroughs in the lighting sector, it is aimed to easily provide lighting in places where there is no energy and to protect the ecosystem and human health with efficient and long-lasting solar panels, whose carbon emission is tens of times less than fossil fuels. In addition, these products, which pay for themselves over time, also contribute to the economy the user.

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