You can also meet your lighting needs while signing stylish decorations with the environmental lighting products that can make a great contribution to the decoration you apply in your outdoor spaces. Our environmental lighting products, which can be used for Park, Garden and street lighting, are also products that can illuminate your lawn and natural beauty.

All lighting products we offer to you as Yakan Lighting Company are produced as environmentally friendly. In order to capture the stylish decoration style and lighting style that you get in the interior spaces, you can check out our environmental lighting products that we offer guaranteed for 2 years.

Our lighting products, which are produced in harmony with the dimensions of many different points in outdoor spaces, do not cause any health problems as they do not come into direct contact with the human eye. In addition, our energy-efficient products reduce your electricity consumption to minimum levels.

If you want to get maximum results with Minimum energy consumption and make effective use of light, you can look at the environmental lighting products we offer you as Yakan lighting. Our products are also products that are resistant to environmental factors.