When we look at the energy consumption data of many countries, including Turkey, we see that a substantial amount is used for lighting purposes. Also, a large part of this energy used for lighting is  used for outdoor lighting. For instance, according to the data of 2015, electricity consumption around 4 billion kWh, ie 2 percent of the total consumption, is spent by street lighting luminaire in Turkey every year. The main reasons for this are the use of inefficient light sources that consume high power, the use of light for unnecessary areas instead of the required area, the use of light sources at optimum hours, the selection and positioning of wrong lighting fixtures for the required. In addition, these factors cause light pollution as well as energy inefficiency.

The path to be followed in order to reduce the energy used for outdoor lighting and to provide efficient lighting can be listed as follows;

  • Lighting criteria should be determined in accordance with international standards.
  • Calculations should be made according to the area to be illuminated and the most appropriate fixture and positioning should be made.
  • Light sources with low power and high luminous flux such as LEDs and a lens model suitable for the area should be preferred.
  • Products using renewable energy such as solar lighting system should be preferred.

As Yakan Lighting, we offer energy solutions in outdoor lighting with our solar lighting set products. While these products provide lighting without the need for a connection to the grid with the energy they receive from the sun, they do not harm the nature and human health.