Based in İstanbul, as a Yakan Lighting, we manufacture and sell lighting products to all over our country. If you want to meet your need for indoor and outdoor lighting, it will always be more useful for you to choose products with low energy consumption. We always offer our electric lighting products as energy efficient. As Yakan lighting, our goal is always to meet the lighting needs of our valued customers with the lowest costs.

Our products, which will allow you to notice a noticeable decrease in your electricity bills, are guaranteed for 2 years. Our electrical lighting products are products which are produced as environmentally sensitive and have TSE certificate.

You can continue to use our products which are designed to be long- lasting in a reliable and functional manner in all seasons. You can display the details you want to highlight by using our electrical lighting products which are compatible with your decoration styles within your decoration style.

Our products, which are guaranteed for 2 years, are products can operate under all outdoor conditions. If you want to be able to use the light effectively and spread it evenly across all the points in your space, you can check out our lighting products. You can choose from the products we offer in a wide range of prices to suit your budget and needs.