When a decision of getting solar lighting systems being taken weather for street lighting or garden lighting; not only prices should be considered. Other points should also be taken in consideration, for short time and long time as a type of investment.

Some of these points could be: the height at which solar lighting will be fixed over. As this affects the distribution of light over area and its intensity per meter square. The other point could be that; is the chosen system quality is it high quality one or not; as some systems may be very cheap in price but its working principle is to change cheap one with another one in very short time. This will actually add all costs together. So these types of products are not considered cheap, in really it is costly. Especially if other equipment are needed to change them. Like fixing it over 6 meters poles; then to change it there will be a need for electrician and crane with box to go there and change it. Thus it is extra costs which not appear directly, and at end will also pull to rechange to the higher quality regardless of price.

Thus choosing most appropriate solar system is in high importance. And to have a look over our solar lighting products, just follow our link here.