Lighting is a very important detail to ensure safety in city life. Different lighting poles are used for lighting roads, parks, gardens and streets. In city planning, especially in areas such as parks and gardens are more decorative choices are made at the same time, walking trails, pedestrian shopping streets, ideal lighting or decoration and is given to both the sections. Galvanized lighting poles are generally preferred for traffic-intensive areas.

Yakan Lighting continues to produce different lighting pole models with years of experience. The highly decorative models can be used not only in city planning but also in your garden planning and you can use galvanized lighting poles in every area. Galvanized lighting pole prices will vary according to the length, light direction and quantity of the product you will buy.

The light weight of the galvanized lighting poles makes it easy to carry and is also useful for safety. The damage caused by concrete poles in possible accidents is not experienced in galvanized poles.

Issues Determining The Prices Of Galvanized Lighting Pole

The prices of galvanised lighting pole also vary according to the special production product. In addition to the standard production, different pricing can be done depending on your demand for a pole with different characteristics. Galvanized and other lighting poles produced by Yakan lighting have different length sizes. Determining the ideal length will be directly proportional to your need.

Galvanized lighting pole prices also vary according to the used workmanship. It will be a special touch to design a figure that will reflect the characteristic of the city, or to design a desired design in your garden or land. It can be used in single, two, three and four side lights as well as in lengths ranging from three meters to fiften meters.