Beside of our production line of outside lighting products, like street lighting and garden lighting. We also produce camera poles. That are used to fix security camera over those poles in order to increase control of a place and ease tracking for security purose.

In order to give stable response of camera shows, camera pole with which it is fastened should be also stable. Thus statics calculation has a high importance. As Camera poles may come with hights from 2 – 10 meters with 1 – 4 directional fixing arms to provide wider angle of view.

Thus under the bottom of pole or its flansh, a part called anchorage should be fixed under ground surface in a solid around. In order to provide required stability to the pole.

On the other hand for high camera poles, the pole it self is made from two diiferent diameters, the bottom one is larger in diameter than higher one, and this also provide more stability to the camera pole.

You can have a look over our camera poles in our website from here.