When illuminating outdoor spaces, there may be a need of different methods other than indoor spaces. Due to the reasons such as the outdoor spaces being wider and open spaces, sometimes, the light rates obtained with the lighting products may be insufficient.

You can use our projector products to empower the insufficient lights. Our projector products, which you can use in gardens, parks, stadiums, and special organizations, have an extra durable structure against high temperature and environmental factors.

This category contains a total of 11 products.

You can project the light directly to the spot where you desire with the projectors that you can use in all outdoor spaces regardless of season conditions. Our projectors, designed in such a way not to disturb the human eye in any way, are among our ideal products to help you to bring out the points you want to put into the foreground in your decoration.

Lighting projectors are designed with aluminum materials and have electrostatic paint material on its exterior parts. This way, our products have become resistant against all outdoor conditions so that you can use our projectors in all of your outdoor spaces.