Globes - Globe Models

Globes - Globe Models

As Yakan Aydınlatma Company, we have always had a distinctive point of view in production of acrylic globe for many years in this industry.

We are also providing accessories, globe parts and acrylic globes for lighting products along with the products themselves. 

We also have different globe shapes to suit your preferences and style. 

This category contains a total of 93 products.

With the globes, which you can use to have long-lasting and functional products, you can illuminate your outdoor places perfectly. In this industry, where we are serving you with our trademark registration and design registration documents, we are always working to make your lighting long-lasting and decorative.

Globe Models for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

We are offering our globe models with aesthetic and functional design which can be used at indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks to globes, you can illuminate the points you desire reliably at your indoor and outdoor places. Our globe models, which we are offering with two-year guarantee, belong to Best Globe brand which is among the leader brands in lighting globes production.

Due to environmental and seasonal factors, our globe lighting products have been designed by using acrylic globe glass material, which has a structure that is resistant to all problems that may occur especially in outdoor areas. You can use our globe glass products, which are extra durable against impacts and outdoor conditions, reliably in all of your spaces for many years.

Our transparent globe products that we are offering are able to spread the light at the outdoor spaces in the best way, thanks to their transparent structures. You can use our Best Globe branded products at your outdoor spaces reliably.

With the experience we have gained in this industry and our distinctive stance, we are offering our globe applique products at the most affordable price options. You can enable your gardens to have a refreshing atmosphere by browsing our garden globe products among our globe models.